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Dinitefuran / Pyriproxyfen

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Vectra Felis
Dinitefuran, Pyriproxyfen
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Vectra Felis Information

Vectra Felis is a vet medicine which contains two active ingredients:

  • Pyriproxyfen and
  • Dinotefuran

The drug so used for treating flea and tick infestation. Aside from treating the infestations, it can also prevent them from happening. This means it has both preventive and curative functions on the skin of your cats. The medication is to be applied topically and a single application can last for up to 1 month. It is equally able to prevent the multiplication of the fleas by simply ensuring the inhibition of flea emergence in the living environment of the cat for up to 3 months.

Recommended Use

Vectra Felis is a prescription drug and it should be used only according to the prescription of the doctor. It is to be applied topically on the skin of the pet.  Each unit comes with a unique applicator that makes it a lot easier to apply the product to the skin of the cat towards ensuring successful treatment. The medications fast-acting; up to 97% of the fleas will die off within the first 2 hours of applying the medication. Make sure the kitten is up to 7 weeks before you apply the medication on its skin.

Side Effects

Some of the common side effects are:

  • Slight scaling of the skin
  • Temporary redness of the skin
  • Temporary hair loss at the site of application
  • Itching

The side effects usually go away without any treatment


  • Do not apply Vectra Felis on the skin of kittens younger than 7 weeks as this can aggravate the side effects
  • The side effects should disappear shortly after application. So, you should communicate with the vet doctor if they fail to disappear.
  • The medication should never be sued on kittens that weigh less than 0.6kg.
  • Do not forget to wash your hands immediately after applying the medication.

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Vectra Felis is available for sale on and you can place an order for the medication easily on our online pharmacy if you have a valid prescription. Your order can be placed via phone call on 1-800-828-4889. You can also order directly from our website and select dosage according to your Vectra Felis prescription.

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Dosages Available

We offer only the brand Vectra Felis on our online pharmacy. The available dosage strength is 432mg/42.3mg. The brand Vectra Felis is available as a pack size of 3 doses.

Vectra Felis Price

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