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Travoprost Z (Generic)
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Travatan Z
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Travoprost Z (Generic)
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Medically reviewed by: Samuel Maaiah, PharmD

Last updated on August 20, 2021

Dr. Maaiah is a PharmD graduate who has practiced both in pharmaceutical consulting and retail pharmacy. His interests include consulting and the development and approval of new therapeutics. He currently works as a Medical Information Consultant (MIC) and as a retail pharmacist. As a MIC he helps pharmaceutical companies with projects and by consulting as a medical information expert.

When Dr. Maaiah is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, doing outdoor activities, working out, and reading.

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How to buy Travatan Z 0.004% online?

Travatan Z can be ordered by calling 1-800-828-4489 and speaking to customer support or ordered online through The chat feature can also be used for support. For more information please visit the “How to Order” page on 

Is a prescription required?

Yes, Travatan Z is a prescription medication and can only be sold with a prescription. A valid prescription from your doctor is required. To process your order, you will need to submit a prescription The prescription can be emailed ([email protected]), uploaded, or faxed (1-800-416-8019). Alternatively, we can reach out to your doctor to attain a valid prescription if you would like.

What is the maximum amount that can be ordered?

A 90-day supply  is the maximum amount that can be ordered at one time. The amount that can be ordered will be based on the directions and quantity indicated on the prescription from your provider. Refills are kept on file for future orders.

Is it safe to order online from 90-Day Meds?

Absolutely. All our partner pharmacies are fully licensed and certified in their respective countries. We operate just like your local pharmacy would, with our main priority being to provide you access to safe and affordable prescription medication. We ensure that your shopping experience is safe and secure with our Norton Shopping Guarantee. 


Average US Retail Price 90-Day Meds Price
Travatan Z 0.004%
(5 mL)
$477.33 $99.00

How much does Travatan Z cost?

At, we make sure to keep drug prices low. You can view the Travatan Z cost savings above with the price comparison of  Travatan Z 0.004% between the average U.S. retail price and 90-Day Meds price.

What is the lowest price of Travatan Z per unit?

Lowest Price Per Unit: $16.33/unit for 15 mL of Travatan Z.

Is this price for Travatan Z without insurance?

The listed prices are without insurance. Unfortunately, we cannot accept insurance. However, we will give you an official receipt which you can use to apply for reimbursement with your insurer. We are unable to adjudicate with US insurance providers.

Why is Travatan Z cheaper from Canada than from the United States?

Drug prices in Canada and from other countries we source medication from are negotiated and regulated. The US is a free market economy which is why the price differs since pharmaceutical suppliers can charge what they deem appropriate for a specific product. As a result, we can offer lower prices to our patients as we utilize medications from these countries. 


Sorry, we do not have a Travatan Z (Travoprost) coupon at the moment, please check back later.

Yes, Check out the Coupon Section of this page.

Is there a coupon for Travatan Z coupon available?

Yes, we do you have a Travatan Z coupon for an extra discount on your prescription. You can save $10 off your order with coupon code TRAVATAN10. Apply coupon at checkout for instant savings and pay less for your prescription with a minimum $50 order.


Is there a lower cost generic Travatan Z available?

Yes, there is a generic alternative available. 

How much cheaper is generic Travatan Z?

Generic Travatan Z (Travoprost) is $65 cheaper than brand Travatan Z.  

What is the difference between brand and generic Travatan Z?

There is no difference between generic and brand Travatan Z. Generic formulations of medications contain the same active ingredients and meet the same quality, strength, and purity standards as the brand formulation. 


Is shipping available to the United States?

Yes. An email notification will be sent to you once the item has been shipped. We ship nationwide across the United States.

How much does shipping cost?

Standard shipping is free.

Is express shipping available?

If a product of Canada is available then express shipping can be selected with an estimated delivery time of 3-5 business days. You have the option at the checkout page to select the express shipping option ($25) if available for that medication source.

Refill RX

How to refill a prescription?

Refilling your prescription is made easy with 90-Day Meds. You can sign into your online account and view your previous orders and see which prescriptions we have on file. Placing a refill order online is made simple by accessing the reorder section in your account. You can also call us and speak to customer support to place a refill. Our live chat is also a great place to connect with us to place a refill order while you are on the go. 

Are prescriptions automatically refilled?

We do not automatically refill prescriptions as there can be cases where you are no longer taking the medication, your doctor has changed your dose, etc. However, we provide a friendly refill reminder service. We will kindly notify you by phone or email as to the best time to place a refill order based on your prescription history.

Drug Information


What is Travatan Z?

Travatan Z (travoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.004% is a prescription medication that is classified as a prostaglandin eye drop. 


What is it used for?

It is used to decrease intraocular pressure (IOP) associated with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. 

How does it work?

It is a selective FP prostanoid receptor agonist and although we don’t know its exact mechanism in treating glaucoma, it is presumed to lower intraocular pressure (IOP) by increasing the uveoscleral outflow. 


How do I take Travatan Z?

You should use Travatan Z as directed by your physician. Wash your hands before and after using this product and shake well before each use. Take off contact lenses before use and wait 15 minutes before reinserting. Wait 5 minutes to administer other eye drops, if applicable. 

What dosages are available?

Travatan Z (travoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.004% is available as brand and generic 0.004% ophthalmic solution. 

What is the recommended dosage?

Generally it is dosed with one drop, once daily to the affected eye(s) every night but take as directed by your doctor.

What is the maximum dosage?

The maximum recommended dosage is one drop into the affected eye daily.

What if I miss a dose?

If you miss a dose you should instill it as soon as you remember, if it is relatively close to your next dose, wait till your normal scheduled dose and instill a normal dose. Do not use an extra dose to make up for the missed dose. 


What should you know before you take Travatan Z?

Travatan Z has been reported to alter the level of pigmentation in your iris, eyelashes, and eyelids. If you experience pigmentation of your iris it is likely to be permanent while the other structures will likely return to baseline after discontinuation. 

Travatan Z will impose changes to your eyelashes, they will likely increase in length, thickness, and quantity. 

Caution with contamination of the dropper bottle should be made as this can cause bacterial keratitis.

If you progress from open-angle to closed angle glaucoma you should use this medication with caution as it has not been studied in this population. 

If you wear contacts they should be removed prior to instilling the eye drops, wait 15 minutes after instillation to reinsert contacts. 

Side Effects

What are the side effects of Travatan Z?

Some common side effects include:

  • Conjunctival hyperemia (increased blood vessels in the white of the eye)
  • Eye discomfort
  • Pain
  • Itching 

Speak to your doctor for a full list of side effects.


Does this medication interact with other drugs, foods, or alcohol?

If you are utilizing any other ophthalmic medications (eye drops) they should be separated by at least 5 minutes from each other. 


How should this medication be stored?

Travatan can be stored between (36°F – 77°F) 

Pharmacist Tips

  • If you wear contacts make sure you remove them prior to instilling Travatan . You can reinsert them 15 minutes after instillation. 
  • This medication has the potential to increase the brown pigmentation of your iris which may be permanent. 
  • Ensure you are washing your hands before and after instilling these eye drops. Do not touch the tip of the dropper to your eye or any other surface aside from the cap as this has the potential to contaminate the solution. 


Can travatan cause high blood pressure?

In the clinical trials hypertension was reported by 1% to 5% of patients on Travatan Z. If you have an elevation in blood pressure you should consult your doctor. 

Does Travatan Z make your eyelashes grow?

Travatan Z has the potential to cause your eyelashes to increase in length, thickness, and quantity. 

Should Travatan Z be refrigerated?

Travatan can be stored between (36°F – 77°F), some patients prefer to have their eye drops cold to make sure they placed the eye drop correctly. 

What company makes Travatan Z?

Travatan is produced by Alcon Laboratories Inc.

Does Travatan have preservatives?

Yes, Travatan Z has a buffer solution to prevent changes in pH, sofZia®. 


This information is not individual medical advice and does not substitute for the advice of your health care professional. Always ask your health care professional for complete information about this product and your specific health needs before taking any medication.