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Seresto for Cats
Imidacloprid, Flumethrin
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Imidacloprid, Flumethrin
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Imidacloprid, Flumethrin
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Seresto Information

Seresto is used for treating tick and flea infestation on dogs and cats. It is applied topically and has proved to be reliable and effective. It is usually used as an alternative treatment for fleas and ticks. It can kill existing fleas and ticks on the skin, as well as, prevent future fleas and ticks infestation. It is usually used for 8 months consecutively. It covers the skin and repels ticks and fleas, thereby preventing them from infesting the skin of the pet. Once applied, Seresto can release its active ingredients on the skin of the pet over a very long period.  As a result, it offers long-term control of fleas and ticks.

Recommended Use

Seresto is a prescription medicine and should only be used according to the vet doctor’s prescription.  It is applied topically on the skin and fur of the pet to repel fleas and ticks. It also kills existing flea and tick infestation. It can be used for preventing fleas and ticks infestation in both cats and dogs. The dogs must be 7 weeks and older, while the cats must be 10 weeks and older.  Once applied, it can remain active for 8 months and it will start killing the fleas and ticks within 48 hours of applying it.

Side Effects

Some of the side effects are highlighted below:

  • Irritation at the site of application
  • Loss of appetite

The irritation usually stops within a few days after application. You should contact your doctor if it fails to stop.


  • You should not apply it on the skin of kittens younger than 10 weeks or puppies younger than 7 weeks.
  • If the dog or cat already has flea or tick infestation before Seresto is applied, you can remove the fleas or ticks manually or give the medicine about 48 hours to kill them.
  • You should get in touch with the vet doctor if the pet has prolonged irritation

Buy Seresto Online

Seresto is available for sale on and you can place an order for the drug if you have a valid prescription.  Give us a call on 1-800-828-4889 to place your order or visit our website and select the dosage depending on what is contained in your Seresto prescription.

You are free to communicate with our customer care agents via live chat for instant answers to your questions.  The information on the How to Order section of our website will guide you on the ordering process.

Dosages Available

We offer only the brand option of Seresto on our website. The available dosages strengths of the brand Seresto are 1.25g/0.56g and 4.5g/2.03g.  The medication is available as a packet of 1 collar.

Seresto Price

At 90-Day Meds we offer everyday low prices on pet meds. For example, 1 collar of brand Seresto 1.25g/0.56g costs $65 on 90Day Meds without insurance or coupon. We will ship the order to your home in the United States without billing you of shipping.

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Your order will take 7 to 10 business days in delivery from the United Kingdom to the United States. You will be sent a notification email immediately the order is shipped. You will not be charged for shipping when you order from our online pharmacy.

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