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Rimadyl Chewable Information

Rimadyl Chewable is used for treating canine osteoarthritis, which is a common chronic condition in dogs. The drug is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and can relieve the inflammation and pain associated with the problem.  It can also treat joint problems in dogs are relive pains associated with surgery. The medication is tasty and liver flavored. As a result, many dogs find it attractive. Rimadyl Chewable helps to reduce the pain and enable the dog to remain strong all day long to carry out its daily dog duties

Recommended Use

Rimadyl Chewable is a prescription drug and should only be used according to the direction of the vet doctor.  The drug is to be chewed by the dog and it should be given once daily according to the vet doctor’s prescription. It is to be given orally only and the stated dose should not be exceeded.

The drug should never be taken by humans and it should be kept in a safe place where your pet or kids cannot get to it.

Additionally, you should avoid giving the drug to your dog if the pet is already taking other over-the-counter drugs or NSAIDs to forestall drug-drug interaction that can be fatal.

Side Effects

The major side effect to be wary of is:

  • Black tarry stools

This may be a sign of a more serious condition and you should report the same to your vet doctor immediately you notice it.


  • You should let your doctor know if your pet has an allergy to aspirin or any other NSAID drug.
  • Your vet doctor should also be carried along if your pet is pregnant or lactating.
  • Do not hesitate to notify the vet if the dog has bleeding or ulcer of the liver or stomach
  • Any sign of kidney disease should also be reported to the vet doctor

Buy Rimadyl Chewable Online

Rimadyl Chewable is available for sale on 90DayMeds.com with a valid prescription. You can also place your order by calling us on 1-800-828-4889 or order directly from our website by selecting the dosage depending on your Rimadyl Chewable prescription.

Our customer care agents can be contacted quickly via live chat for a quick response to your questions.  The information in the How to Order section of our website can guide you on the ordering process.

Dosages Available

We provide both the brand and generic options of Rimadyl Chewable on our website. The available dosage strengths of the brand Rimadyl Chewable are 25mg and 75mg. On the other hand, the available dosage strengths of the generic Rimadyl Chewable are 75mg and 100mg. They are all available in a pack size of 60 tablets.

Rimadyl Chewable Price

60 tablets of brand Rimadyl Chewable costs $79 on 90-Day Meds without a free coupon or insurance. You can further cut down the price when you order a 90-day supply of the drug on our online pharmacy. You will not pay a dime for shipping.

Shipping Time

Your order will take 10 to 18 business days in delivery time to the United States. An email notification will be sent to you immediately we ship the order. You will not pay any shipping fees!

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