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Denavir Cream
Penciclovir Sodium
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Denavir Cream
Penciclovir Sodium
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Denavir Information

Denavir is only available on prescription. It is classed as an antiviral medication. When prescribed, it will be because the patient is suffering from cold sores. These will appear on the lips and will have been caused by the herpes simplex virus.  Anyone over 12 year of age will be able to use it. Unfortunately, it is not a cure and there is every chance that other cold sores may appear. It will work to get rid of the ones that are there at the time.

How To Use

Your doctor will tell you how you should use the cream. It should only be used in the amount suggested. Using more will not bring about a quicker clear up. It is only meant to be used on the face and lips. If it does get into the mouth or nose, then they should be rinsed right away.

Treatment should begin as soon as the cold sore begins to appear. Normally you will have a red colour to the lips and it can begin to itch. The sore will present itself in the form of a small lump. Clean fingers should be used to put a thin layer over the cold sore. To ensure that the cold sore is properly treated there should be an application every 2 hours for 4 days. 

Side Effects

There may be side effects when using the cream and they can include:

  • Tingling
  • Headaches
  • Slight irritation
  • Numbness
  • Sense of taste changes.


Before use, you need to tell your doctor:

  • If you are allergic to it
  • If you have other allergies
  • Your medical history
  • You are pregnant.

Buy Denavir Online

We can provide low-cost Denavir on The only condition we have is that you should provide a valid prescription from your hospital or doctor. If it is ready, call 1-800-828-4889 to submit it and place an order. We can also communicate with you live via our 90-Day Meds Chat feature. To discover more about our service, read a How to Order guide on our website. The maximum amount that can be ordered is a three month supply of medication based on your prescription.

Available Dosages

We provide a brand medicine only. It is made by Novartis as a product of Turkey. We offer it in 1 dosage form only, including ectavir Cream 1%.

Denavir Pricing

We offer the lowest Denavir price on We sell our a 2g cream for $46.2. If you buy the same cream at a local drugstore in the US, you will pay an average retail price of $. Therefore, by obtaining this item on our website you can keep $. We will also ship the item directly to your door so can avoid spending a lot of time at your local drugstore waiting for your turn to buy. If you want to learn more about us or speak to a customer care agent live, call 1-800-828-4889.


Denavir will be shipped directly from Mauritius to the US in 10 to 18 business days. Once shipped, you will receive a message by email. Shipping charges will be zero.

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