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Bumetanide (Generic)
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Bumex Information

Bumex is a water pill or diuretic. It is used to treat people who have edema or fluid retention. This is common in those who have a liver disease, nephritic syndrome (a kidney disorder) or congestive heart failure.

How To Use

Bumex should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Make sure you follow their instructions clearly to ensure your safety and healing. Bumex is normally administered as an injection that is injected into the muscle when it cannot be taken by mouth. It can also be given as an infusion into a vein.

No matter how you take it, Bumex will cause increased urination and dehydration. So it is necessary to take adequate salt and potassium in your diet. If you start to vomit, diarrhea or sweat profusely, call your doctor right away. In most cases, Bumex is taken just once.

Side Effects

Here are the most common side effects of Bumex:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Muscle cramps
  • Low blood pressure
  • Nausea

If you notice severe side effects, call the doctor. These may include seizures, confusion, hearing issues, shallow breathing, speaking difficulty or dehydration.


Prior to taking your first Bumex dose, speak to the doctor about your health. Let them know you have:

  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Severe kidney disease
  • Urination difficulty
  • Serious dehydration
  • Serious liver disease, including cirrhosis
  • A heart rhythm disorder
  • A sulfa drugs allergy
  • A condition that is causing you to eat a low salt diet
  • Gout
  • A pregnancy or a breastfeeding child.

Buy Bumex Online

To purchase Bumex online, choose the best supplier. This is none other than 90DayMeds.com. You can reach us through 1-800-828-4889 to submit a valid prescription from your doctor and to place an order. Another quick way to contact us is clicking our 90-Day Meds Chat feature to speak to a customer care agent live. We would also like you to check a How to Order guide on our website. The maximum amount that can be ordered is a three month supply of medication based on your prescription.

Dosages Available

Bumex is available as a brand and generic medicine. Our brand version is made by Leo Pharmaceutical as a product of Canada and by Leo Laboratories as a product of the UK. The generic version is manufactured by the UK Generic Mfr. as a product of the United Kingdom. The available dosage strengths are 1mg and 5mg.

Bumex Price

We, 90DayMeds.com, provide the lowest price for Bumex. A 1mg generic tablet goes for $1.10 and 30 similar tablets go for $33. If you buy these at a local drugstore in the US, you will pay an average retail price of $35.39. Thus, getting this product on our website can help you save $2.39. As the item will be shipped freely and directly to your door, you can save more time and money. To find more about this or to speak to our customer care agent, call 1-800-828-4889 today.


Bumex will be shipped from the UK or Canada to the US within 7 to 10 business days. Once shipped, you will receive a notification by email. The shipping fees will be zero.

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