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How Can I Order from 90 Day Meds?

Ordering Online

1. Explore our range of top-grade medications and place them in your shopping cart

2. At checkout, you will be prompted to create an account (this means even quicker service when you order from us next time)

3. Finalize your purchase by confirming your shipping address

4. Fax us your prescription at 1-800-416-8019 or upload it directly to your customer profile page

5. Receive cheap, premium medications right to your doorstep

-- Alternately, photograph or scan your paper prescription and email it to [email protected]

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Order Online
Order By phone

Ordering By Phone

We are dedicated to offering ordering options for all of our clients' unique preferences. We believe you deserve to get your meds, your way. If you prefer to order medication the old-fashioned way, give us a call and follow these simple steps:

1. Call 1-800–828-4889 and speak to one of our courteous Patient Care Specialists
2. Identify yourself as a new customer and allow a Customer Care Representative to take your information and guide you through the ordering process
3. Hang up the phone worry-free knowing you’ve saved both time and money

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Ordering By Mail

Though this is our slowest ordering option, we are delighted to provide a mail ordering service for those who need it. If you prefer to keep track of your orders by mail, you can still take advantage of the impressive 90-Day Meds catalogue by:

1. Downloading and print our order form 2. Filling out all necessary information 3. Attaching your script 4. Mailing your information to 90-Day Meds

Once we receive your order and required documents, your medications will usually reach you in 7-18 business days. Your credit card will not be charged until we receive all required prescriptions and verify that your requested medications are available to order from your location.

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Order By mail

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. This privacy policy sets out the practices we will observe in respect of your personal information. Whenever you place an order with us, you agree that we may collect, retain use and disclose personal information in accordance with this policy. In this privacy policy: “personal information” means information in a form that can be linked to you as an individual; and “approved retailer” means a pharmacy or other retailer that you can access through us or from whom you can obtain a discount or other benefit as a member of our program.

1. Purposes for Collection, Use and Disclosure
We will only collect, use or disclose information about you to the minimum extent that is reasonably necessary for these legitimate purposes:

  • to assist you in accessing an approved retailer, including a pharmacy, and providing it with the information it needs to fill your initial or further orders or to provide you with a discount;
  • to assist you with delivery of the product or service;
  • to obtain payment with respect to a good or service provided by us or by an approved retailer;
  • to provide you with up-to-date information on our policies and business practices;
  • to provide you with informational and promotional material about products and other services available to members. These include products and services provided by us or by approved retailers;
  • to help us determine which products or services to bring to your attention;
  • to conduct customer satisfaction surveys;
  • to manage our business, including such matters as accounting and directing and monitoring employee performance;
  • to meet legal or regulatory requirements;
  • to protect our interests in the context of actual or potential regulatory or legal proceedings.

Pharmacies in our network may share your personal information among themselves, as well as with 90-Day Meds® for the purpose of safely and effectively filling an order.

2. Security
We have adopted reasonable technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information against accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access.

We disclose personal information only to third parties (e.g., our accountants or lawyers, or pharmacies, or other approved retailers) that are bound by contracts with us or by law to respect the confidentiality of your information. If a third party breaches your privacy, however, it is responsible and accountable to you, and we are not.

3. Marketing
We will not disclose your personal information to any third party, including approved retailers, for the purposes of enabling it to promote a product or service to you. We may (unless you ask us not to do so) directly send you informational and promotional material, including our newsletter, about the products, services and discounts that we provide directly or that are provided by an approved retailer. We will honour any request you make to not receive promotional material from us. You can opt out of receiving such material at any time by speaking to a call centre representative or contacting our Chief Privacy Officer at [email protected]. We may use information about your ordering history with us to help us determine what material might be of interest to you. Ordering history with respect to health-related products will only be used to bring to your attention to other health-related products that are provided by us or by an approved retailer.

4. Sale, Lease or Reorganization of Business
If we are involved in a corporate reorganization, the company that emerges will have the same rights as we do:

  • to retain, use or disclose information about you that we had already collected about you; and
  • to seek and collect additional information about you. “Reorganization” includes actions such as changing the ownership or control of our company or merging with, or taking over, another company. If we sell or lease our pharmacy business (in whole or in part), the new owner or lessee assumes our position with respect to our rights and obligations in connection with the collection, use, retention and disclosure of your personal information.

5. Access and Accuracy
You have the right to obtain a copy of the personal information we have retained about you. We will respond to your request for a copy of your personal information within forty (40) days of receiving your request. After you review such information, if you point out any inaccuracies, we will correct them. We will remove information about you from our records at your request, unless it is reasonable for us to retain the information for a legitimate purpose.

6. Compliance
Responsibility for ensuring compliance with the provisions of this policy rests with the senior management of 90-Day Meds®. We
have designated a contact person (Chief Privacy Officer – [email protected]) who is responsible for:

  • personal information access requests;
  • addressing complaints; and
  • providing individuals with further information on our privacy practices. Please feel free to phone, fax or email our customer service centre at any time for up to date information on how to reach the office of our Chief Privacy Officer at [email protected].

7. Exceptions
We may depart from this policy where required to do so by law or where it is reasonable for us to do so in light of exceptional circumstances, such as addressing an urgent threat to human life or health.

8. Policy Changes
We have the right to make reasonable changes to our privacy policy from time to time, and will post any changes to our privacy policy on our website. If you make an order after that change, our privacy commitments will in all respects be governed by the new version of the policy.

Returns Policy

As set out in the 90-Day Meds Terms and Conditions of Membership, all prescription sales are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE as 90-Day Meds cannot legally accept or restock orders that are cancelled or refused after they have left a Network pharmacy.  As we promise to satisfy each and every patient if they have concern(s) about medication they have received from us, we will take care of each and every patient’s concern to their satisfaction.

Shipping Policy

90-Day Meds guarantees the arrival of your order within 30 days upon receipt of all the documentation necessary to fill your order. However the average shipping time through our Global Network is about 10-14 business days.

Once we receive all prescriptions and required Member information, orders typically are shipped within 24 hours. If an order is not received within 30 days we consider it lost by the post office and will replace it, hassle-free, at no charge to you, guaranteed.

All orders are shipped by the standard post carriers of each country 90-Day Meds has in our network. Inside the U.S.A., all parcels are delivered by US Postal Service.