How to Order Jublia Online: A Canadian Pharmacy Guide

Health & Wellness - May 23, 2020 - Written by 90-Day Blogger
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There are around 300 known types of fungal infections that affect humans.

Fortunately, most of these are entirely treatable. Medications like Jublia are highly effective in addressing the symptoms and causes of fungal infections.

However, if you live in America, it might be a struggle to find medications like Jublia at reasonable prices. For this reason, cheaper Canadian pharmacies have broken into the American market by selling their wares online.

Read on to learn more about ordering medications like Jublia online from Canadian pharmacies.

What Is Jublia?

Jublia is a prescription treatment that you can use if you're suffering from a fungal infection of the toenails. It comes in a pale yellow topical solution, which you rub on the affected area daily with a special applicator. 

Jublia also goes by the brand name Efinaconazole.

Why Are Canadian Pharmacies So Much Cheaper?

Pharmaceutical products in America are some of the most expensive in the world. Experts have noted that the average American pays more for prescriptions every year than the average citizen of any other developed nation on the planet. 

Not only are American medicines historically more expensive, but they're actually getting less affordable every year. Statistics show that the increase in the price of medication in America is outpacing the rate of general inflation considerably.

American pharmaceutical companies argue that these high prices are due to the cost of innovation, research, and development. However, it has become clear that this is not the whole story.

Pharmaceutical companies in the US hold monopolies on certain medications, a situation which the government allows. This means that they can charge as much as they like for certain products.

In Canada, however, government bodies act to ensure that the prices of prescription drugs remain low.

Therefore, buying from a Canadian pharmacy allows you to get exactly the same medications for far less money. You don't need to worry about compromising on quality or safety; you're simply avoiding America's corporation-friendly regulations.

Our Service

At 90 Day Meds, we sell medicine to American customers at Canadian prices. You can place orders online, by phone, or through the mail.

You can choose from branded and generic medications of various strengths.

For prescription products, we require a digital photo of your prescription.

We source medications from a number of different countries. However, all of the products we stock and sell adhere to the strictest American rules on pharmaceutical quality.

Our products are made for the Canadian market, which means that they adhere to Canadian rules on packaging. This means that what you buy might look different than it would if you bought it in America. Rest assured, however, that it is the same medication.

Advantages of Buying Online

As we've already shown, the price of pharmaceuticals in Canada compared to America is reason enough to start buying online. However, the benefits don't stop there.

The following are some other reasons why many people have started getting their medicine from Canadian providers.


The best reason to buy anything online is convenience.

Rather than traveling to a physical pharmacy, you can order all your necessary medications from the comfort of your home. 

Selection & Availability

With local pharmacies, there is never a guarantee that you'll be able to get the product you're looking for.

They might not stock it, or they may have run out even if they do.

With an online pharmacy, you can choose from branded and generic medications of all strengths. Because of their vast storage capacity, they'll usually have what you want.


The COVID-19 pandemic has provided yet another reason for customers to buy their medicines online.

While everyone is doing their best to stick to physical distancing guidelines, the simple fact is that you run a greater risk of contracting the virus when you leave your home. If you're an older person, someone who has an underlying health condition, or you have a close family member who fits into either of these categories, you need to need to minimize these risks wherever possible.

By having your medicine dropped directly to your door, you're saving yourself one more journey into the outside world.

Other Medicines You Can Save On

Jublia isn't the only medicine we offer for less than American pharmacies. Medicine prices are higher across the board in America, which means that we can save you money on a range of vital treatments.

We've listed some of the most popular here.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

These medications can help men who struggle with an inability to achieve and maintain erections, as well as other virility issues. We stock the Cialis and Viagra brands in various strengths.

Asthma Medications

Asthma medications provide relief of the respiratory symptoms of the illness. They can address shortness of breath and wheezing that results from a flare-up of the condition.

The asthma medication brands that we stock include Advair Diskus and Symbicort. These are also available in various strengths.

Diabetes Medication

Diabetes is a condition that affects your body's ability to regulate the amount of blood sugar in your system. There are two variations of diabetes, known as Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 relates to insulin production and is especially common in America.

The diabetes treatments that we stock include Invokana, Januvia, and Jardiance. 

Start Saving Money On Jublia Today

Jublia is a highly effective treatment for fungal infection. However, that doesn't mean you should be paying any more for it than is necessary.

Buying your medicine online can save you time, money, and stress.

If you'd like to know more about Jublia, or any of the other medicines we stock, contact us today.

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