Do You Need a Prescription to Order from Online Pharmacies?

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Online pharmacies catch the attention of millions of people throughout the world. They offer shoppers convenience and easy access to prescription drugs and its generic versions.

For convenience, many reputed online pharmacies in Canada have licensed medical practitioners working with them.

They offer online prescription and free online consultation. They also offer 24/7 customer care service so that you can call them at any time in case of emergency.

With today's busy schedules in life, people are facing a shortage of time. Because of this, driving for an hour or more to get a prescription is becoming a huge problem to many.

Benefits of Online Pharmacies

Online pharmacies are amazing ways of obtaining desired medicine without leaving home and without visiting a doctor.

If you need prescription refills often, you would benefit tremendously by ordering from a reputable online pharmacy.

You can order your prescription refills online at work or at home. It is shipped to you by mail, so you never have to leave the house!

Online pharmacies in Canada are the best options for people who love privacy. There are many diseases like men’s health, women’s health etc. that people feel embarrassed to share with others.

So, an online pharmacy can deliver to them the required drugs confidentially.

How to Order from an Online Pharmacy

Fulfilling your prescription via an online pharmacy is generally quite simple. Typically, you or your doctor fax your prescription to the online pharmacy of your choice.

An online pharmacy fills your prescription and ships or mails it to you in a discreet inconspicuously marked shipping package.

Some Canadian online pharmacies offer either a free or a fee-based medical consultation for those who cannot afford a regular doctor visit.

This medical consultation typically consists of an online form you must complete and submit, which is then reviewed by the specific online pharmacy's licensed physicians.

Upon the doctor's approval, the prescription is fulfilled and mailed to you the customer.

Dangers of an Online Pharmacy

That said, what are the dangers of using an online pharmacy? Consumers must be aware of the possible problems associated with obtaining an online medication or purchasing a drug from online pharmacies.

No Pharmacist to Talk To

Unlike your local drugstore where a pharmacist is on hand whenever medication is dispensed, online pharmacies may not offer this service.

What if your pill looks different than the last time you got it? What if you received the wrong amount? What if the tablets are too difficult to swallow or crumble and fall apart?

Will you save money if you buy a generic that's so poorly manufactured that it's ineffective or troublesome to administer?

Questionable Supply Chain

Unless you order from a well-recognized pharmacy (one affiliated with an established storefront pharmacy, such as a national chain store) how do you know where your medications came from?

Just because you order them in the U.S. doesn't mean they came from here. Do you want drugs from Asia? How will you know the source?

Counterfeit or Tainted Medications

How will you know if you receive the correct medication—or even medication at all? Just recently counterfeit Alli was sold online, containing a different chemical in potentially dangerous dosage.

What if you're allergic to something and you don't even know what you received?

No Physician to Oversee Medications

Odds are your doctor will not approve of certain online purchases and may not want to take responsibility for prescribing any medication that you purchase through alternate sources. Who will you turn to for medical advice?

Side-Effect Reporting

What will you do if you experience a side-effect? Doctors and standard drug stores report significant side effects to pharmaceutical companies or Health Canada.

The Canadian pharmaceutical industry does have a responsibility to assure the safety of approved products. If your medication has been obtained through a non-official source, this may not be possible.

Verifying Your Pharmacy Online

As mentioned above, an online pharmacy affiliated with a national chain store is likely as safe as going to a storefront pharmacy.

Make sure that you are not buying from questionable sources, and check them out before placing your order. Check their website and make sure they have the license to sell drugs online.

You may consult different organizations to verify their credentials.

If you have questions, you may send queries via email to several government offices such as your city hall or the health department.

You should also consider if the products are Health Canada approved. Be careful with online stores claiming all their products are Health Canada approved.

Before buying any medicines, consult a physician. The appointment needs to be accomplished face to face.

Don't buy from websites that charge online medical advice fees. Any online pharmacies that do not need a prescription note for you to buy their drugs are running an illegal operation.

Take note, the government requires all prescription medicines are recommended by a doctor. Otherwise, you should not buy medicine.

The Reputable Option for an Online Pharmacy

If you are looking for a reputable online pharmacy, your search is over with 90-Day Meds. 90-Day Meds is verified by

This ensures that all prescription medications are dispensed by licensed online pharmacies. Also, all financial and personal information is fully secured to ensure complete privacy and security.

Do not hesitate. Order your brand name and generic prescription medications with free shipping from our Canadian Pharmacy online today.

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