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Diabetes is a serious disease that affects many people in the United States. And, unfortunately, acquiring a prescription can be a time consuming, difficult, and expensive process. This holds many patients back from receiving the care they need to fight diabetes effectively.

But what if you could get the prescription medicines you needed without having to pay exorbitant fees or worry about finding a doctor to write your script?

90-Day Meds allows you to do just that by providing an online pharmacy platform. Our online pharmacy is based out of Canada and has been providing diabetic patients with the medications they need for years. Change the way you treat your diabetes and get started ordering from our online pharmacy.

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Prescription medications can be tough to get filled. First, you have to head to the doctor and get a doctor's script in order to receive the pills and treatment you need. From there, you have to head to the pharmacy and wait in long lines just to receive the medicines you require to function! Worst of all, prescription medicines can quickly get pricey and can take a big chunk out of your wallet.

Our dependable and dedicated team at 90-Day Meds does its best to help mitigate those concerns. Each one of our online pharmacy technicians is fully dedicated to what he or she does. We've been providing people with common diabetes medications for years, allowing us to focus on you and provide you with reliable and dependable service.

What's more, we take our work seriously. That means that we're dedicated to getting you the prescriptions you need in a timely manner. Know that when you work with 90-Day Meds you're truly receiving quality support that is focused around you and your individual needs. We have access to new medicine for diabetes as well as tried and true prescriptions, meaning we can create a customized service for your unique needs.

Every Diabetes Medication Imaginable

There are so many different medications on the market to treat diabetes. And, there are even more pre-diabetes medications which can add further confusion to the mix. At 90-Day Meds, we believe in providing you with access to every single one of those common diabetes medications.

We offer every diabetes prescription you can think of, including:

Take advantage of all these prescriptions and more. No matter what diabetes medication you're in need of, we'll help you get the prescriptions you require. Browse some of the newest medications for diabetes out there and know that you're in good hands when you count on the 90-Day Meds team to take care of you.

How We Work

Step One: Find Your Medication

The first step in managing your type 1 or type 2 diabetes with online prescriptions is to find your medicine. The 90-Day Meds website has a simple search system that allows you to type your medication directly into the site. All results including your keyword or product name will show up, taking the hassle out of hunting through our website.

We've also laid out all of our available medications in easy to find categories. You can simply navigate to the diabetes section and find the medicines that you're in need of clearly laid out for you. From there, you'll be able to select the dosage and the number of pills that you need.

Step Two: Order Your Prescription

After you've tracked down your medicine and have found the correct dosing, it's time to place your order! We also have a simple downloadable order form that you can use to buy your medicines and get yourself taken care of. You'll need to fill out the name of the medication, the strength, and the quantity. You'll also be required to put in your mailing address so that we know exactly where to send your medicine!

If you have any issues along the way you can simply reach out to our team and we'll guide you through the process. We're available by phone, chat, or email, giving you plenty of ways to get in touch and get your prescription order handled.

Step Three: Receive Your Meds

As soon as we get your order we get to work filling your prescription and getting it shipped out to you! We input your order as soon as possible so that you can receive your pills in a simple and timely manner. After all, your prescriptions are important to your health and well being.

Once your order ships we'll send you a confirmation email with tracking information. That way you're able to follow along and make sure that your order arrives on time. If you need support throughout the mailing process, you can reach out to our team and we'll get you squared away.

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When it comes to getting mail-order prescriptions, you deserve to work with a team you can count on. We have a 97% customer satisfaction rate, meaning that we've gone above and beyond to provide US citizens with Canadian drugs. Work with one of the best online pharmacies out there and know that you're saving big bucks.

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