7 Possible First-Line Coronavirus Treatments

coronavirus treatments

According to the Situation Report on Coronavirus Disease by the World Health Organization, coronavirus has been spreading at an exponential rate and is arriving in new countries all the time.

While there’s some evidence that China may have successfully stopped the exponential spread in their own country, there’s a real chance that coronavirus could spread rapidly inside of new countries. 

Fortunately, top scientists and doctors around the world have been studying the disease and finding ways to treat it. Promising leads suggest that a cure may be discovered within a year or so, but there are also some coronavirus treatments you can use now, some of them within your own home.

So read on to learn about how to treat coronavirus if you or a loved one is infected. 

Coronavirus Treatments

Scientists are working hard around the world on a vaccine that can get rid of coronavirus as decisively and completely as we’ve already gotten rid of polio. Do coronavirus treatments exist yet? President Donald Trump has spoken optimistically about when the vaccine will be ready, but estimates suggest it may be at least a year.

Until then, scientists have been trying out many medicines to see which ones can help cure coronavirus once it’s already infected someone. Favilavir is the best so far, with a few others showing promising results.

Coronavirus resembles a flu in many ways, so normal fever medicines and other care techniques can work as treatments for coronavirus, helping to speed recovery and keep the disease from becoming more serious. For most people, coronavirus will just look like a cold or a flu.

1. Favilavir

Favilavir is an experimental drug developed by Zhijiang Hisun Pharmaceutical. It has recently been approved to be tested as a cure for coronavirus. Clinical trials will be beginning soon.

Favilavir has already been used in the past to treat the common flu and is the most promising of the three drugs that look like they may be effective coronavirus treatments.

Some trials have already been conducted with Favilavir, and it produces some very promising results. Fortunately, the drug has also shown to cause very few serious side effects.

2. Chloroquine

Chloroquine is an old medicine that has traditionally been used to treat cases of malaria. In the case of malaria, chloroquine stops parasites from growing in the red blood cells in your blood. But there are also some indicators that it could help stop the growth of coronavirus as well.

Chloroquine has been given the go ahead to receive further study in the Hunan province of China.

3. Gilead’s Remdesivir

Gilead’s drug has been pushed to be used in medical trials in more than 10 hospitals and other medical centers. It is being studied in Wuhan itself, where coronavirus first started.

The US National Institute of Health has already found that remdesivir (Gilead’s drug) may be able to keep Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus from infecting organisms.

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus is not “the” coronavirus, but it is a strain from the same family that tends to infect monkeys. The hope is that the drug will be similarly successful as a treatment for the coronavirus spreading through human populations today.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology has demonstrated interest in remdesivir as well, and they have submitted an application for a patent on the drug.

4. Fever Medicines

As we saw before, a coronavirus is mild for most people. Within a few days of being infected, a person will generally start showing symptoms typical in type and degree to those you would get from a cold.

Your nose could run, you might get a cough, and you might feel tired. Only in rare cases would you even get a fever.

For the vast majority of cases that are mild like this, treatments for coronavirus consist of taking some bedrest, making sure to stay well-hydrated, and using normal pain reliever and fever medicines. That’s how to treat coronavirus in the vast majority of cases.

Ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be great tools to help relieve any discomfort or pain as well as bring down a fever in the unlikely case that you get one.

5. Masks Only For the Infected

Some people have been buying up masks and wearing them to avoid ever getting infected in the first place. Unfortunately, this strategy can actually do more harm than good. Not only does it take away all the masks on the market so that people who really need them can’t get them, but it can even make you more likely to get infected.

Coronavirus is not an airborne disease. Instead, it is spread through droplets that come from the mouth or nose of an infected person. Typically, you can catch the coronavirus if you touch some of these droplets, wherever they may fall, and then touch your nose, mouth, or eyes. That is how the disease gets in.

Masks won’t do anything to keep droplets from getting on your hands, and they won’t help you avoid touching your face to transfer the droplets. In fact, masks may make you touch your face more, as you constantly have to adjust your mask.

6. Avoiding Infection

Since coronavirus usually has to get on your hands before it can infect you, make sure that you frequently wash your hands, especially before eating.

Try to avoid touching your face and be careful about getting close to people who are already infected.

7. Avoid Antibiotics

As you can tell from the name, coronavirus is a virus, which means it’s not a bacteria. Antibiotics are only for bacteria and cannot help, not even a little, with killing a virus.

Keep Your Home and Body Clean

We hope you learned something helpful about coronavirus treatments. To learn more about all kinds of medicine as well as how you can conveniently order them, check out our other pages!

How to Use an Anoro Inhaler: 7 Tips to Get Your Breath Back


Are you one of the 15.3 million Americans who have COPD? Then you’re probably familiar with its struggles, such as breathlessness and bronchospasm attacks.

If you’re tired of letting these COPD flare-ups take control of your life, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s something you can do about it: get an Anoro Ellipta inhaler.

If you’re getting an Anoro Ellipta inhaler soon from your doctor but aren’t sure about how to use it, then keep reading. Here are 7 tips on how to get the most out of it.

1. Prepare Your Inhaler Correctly

When you first receive your Anoro Ellipta inhaler, you’ll see that there’s a dial on top. It should start out with the number 30; this is how many doses are contained within.

Whenever you open the inhaler, you’ll hear a clicking sound. This means it’s ready for you to inhale and the dial will decrease by one.

If you don’t hear a click and the dial stays at the same number, you’ll need to reach out to your pharmacist or doctor for further instructions.

2. Inhale in the Right Way

You may think that to use an inhaler, all you have to do is put your lips on the device, inhale, and you’re done. And if your only exposure to inhalers is through movies, then you might also think you need to shake it up before you use it.

All of the above are wrong though!

First of all, do not shake the Anoro inhaler; this is only necessary for certain types of inhalers, such as the albuterol rescue ones.

Also, you’ll need to completely exhale before you even put your lips to the inhaler. That way, you empty your lungs all the way and provide enough capacity to inhale the entire dose.

After exhaling, put the Anoro Ellipta to your lips, closing them firmly. Inhale only through your mouth, not through your nose. Make sure your fingers aren’t blocking the air vent on top of the inhaler.

Take the inhaler away from your mouth and hold your breath for about 5 seconds. Then slowly exhale again.

3. Never Close the Inhaler Without Inhaling

As we’ve said above, when you open the inhaler, it’ll make a clicking noise. If you close the inhaler without inhaling, the dose that’s in the inhaler will still be inside, but won’t be available for you to take anymore. This is to prevent you from accidentally taking 2 doses in 1.

Considering your medication isn’t cheap (even if you buy from an affordable online pharmacy), you don’t want to accidentally waste a dose. So make sure you only open the Anoro Ellipta when you’re ready to take your daily inhalation and don’t close the cover until you’re sure you’ve done it.

4. Properly Clean Your Inhaler

If you wish, you can clean the mouthpiece of your inhaler; you don’t have to.

However, if you do, make sure you do it properly. You should never dunk it in water nor put it under running water.

Instead, you should clean it off with either a dry cloth or tissue. Getting any moisture inside your inhaler may deteriorate the dosages inside.

5. Throw Away Inhalers Over 6 Weeks Old

Once you open the foil packet for your Anoro Ellipta inhaler, the countdown begins. The longer it’s out of the foil, the more ineffective it’ll be. This means every inhaler has a lifespan of 6 weeks.

So make sure you mark down when you open a new inhaler foil and if you haven’t reached “0” on the counter by week 6, you need to throw it out. Otherwise, you risk not getting a strong enough dose of your daily medication.

Make sure you also store your medication in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight. You should aim for between 68 to 77 degrees.

6. Remember to Use It Daily

The chemicals in your Anoro Ellipta inhaler work best when you remember to take it every single day, at the same time. If you accidentally skip any doses, then you should take it as soon as you remember.

That way, your body still receives the same dose it expected at around the normal time. This allows you to keep your airways both relaxed and expanded so you can keep breathing easy.

Do note that you shouldn’t take more than 1 inhalation per day. If you remember the next day, then just take your next dose as normal. You should never take 2 doses in 1 go either.

7. Get a Refill Early

Because you need to take Anoro Ellipta every day, it’s vital you remember to get refills before you completely run out of your current inhaler.

What’s great is the manufacturers have already designed a reminder into the inhaler. When you reach 9 days, each day will be marked in red as a way to remind you to get your refill ordered.

To be safe, you should get your extra Anoro Ellipta inhalers even earlier if possible. That way, if your supplier happens to run out or has shipping issues, you’ll still have at least one on hand way before you run out of doses.

Get Your Quality of Life Back With Anoro Ellipta

Living with COPD can be difficult, but it can definitely be manageable with Anoro Ellipta.

With our top tips on using your inhaler, you’ll regain your lung capacity in the best ways possible. As a result, you’ll be able to keep up with your loved ones and get back to doing the things you love doing once more.

Do you need to fill your first Anoro Ellipta prescription? Then order from us today! We have it available at just a fraction of US prices.

Linzess Reviews for Constipation: Benefits, Side Effects, and More

linzess reviews

Anywhere between 25 to 45 million people in the US suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Not only is this condition painful at times, but it can also be embarrassing.

However, you can regain control over your life with some lifestyle changes. In addition, you can also take some medications to make your symptoms easier to manage. For instance, there’s the drug Linzess you can ask your doctor about.

Are you wondering about Linzess reviews? Then keep reading. We’ll tell you everything you need to know, including the benefits, side effects, and more.

What Is Linzess?

Linzess is a prescription medication that’s used for constipation, as well as IBS. The brand name is Linzess, but you’ll also find it under the generic name of linaclotide.

Technically, it’s a strong laxative, as it’s in the drug class guanylate cyclase-C agonists. This is how the drug helps to clear your system of any constipation, which may result from your diet, side effects of other drugs, or an IBS flareup.

Benefits of Linzess

One of the most obvious benefits of Linzess is it can help you manage the symptoms of IBS much better. And if you’re constipated for any reason, it can help get things moving so you’re not in pain as a result.

For example, you won’t have to deal with cramping, bloating, and other painful and uncomfortable symptoms that come with constipation. Once you take the medication, it should get your GI tract moving in about 2 weeks.

So what are some other benefits of Linzess? Read on to find out.

It’s a Once-Daily Medication

If you’ve had to take any type of medicines, then you’ll know what a pain it is to remember when and how many to swallow.

With Linzess, all you have to do is take it as soon as you wake up. Then, you’re done for the day, as it’s a once-daily medication.

Considering most people have a morning routine, it’s very easy to add this medication to it. It’ll be very hard to forget to take your daily dose.

Side Effects Are Usually Mild

When taking any type of medication, side effects are a valid concern. You have to weigh the benefits against the possible side effects to see if it’s worth taking.

With Linzess, the potential side effects are quite mild (we cover them in a later section). Plus, it’s very rare that anyone suffers serious ones, so in general, it’s great for managing IBS regularly.

It’s Different From Regular Laxatives

When you take laxatives, you might feel fine one second, and then the next, the waves of cramps and pain can wash across your entire body. If you’re not at home, this can be a very distressful situation to be in.

While Linzess is a strong laxative, it does work in a different fashion than regular laxatives do.

Instead of suddenly moving your GI tract along, it works on a more long-term basis. Yes, it does accelerate your bowel movements, but not so quickly that it catches you by surprise.

Also, it calms the pain-sensing nerves in your intestines. So instead of feeling intense pain with cramps, you’ll be able to go to the bathroom in a more normal fashion.

How to Take Linzess

Because it’s a prescription medication, your doctor should go over the instructions when they prescribe it to you. The medication will also come with a pamphlet.

For most cases, you’ll have to take Linzess when you first wake up since you haven’t eaten anything yet. If taking it first thing in the morning isn’t feasible, then take it at least 30 minutes before you eat breakfast.

Linzess comes as a capsule, so make sure you swallow the whole thing with a glass of water. If you’re unable to, you can also empty the contents into a glass of water and drink the whole thing straight after.

Side Effects of Linzess

There aren’t any medications that come with no possible side effects. Some mild side effects you may experience with Linzess include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness

Below are some rare side effects that patients have experienced while on Linzess:

  • Black, tar-like stool
  • Bleeding from the rectum
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Fainting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Fainting
  • Hives or skin rash

If you experience any of the following for a long period of time, you may want to let your doctor know:

  • Body aches
  • Chills
  • Excess gas
  • Fever
  • Ear congestion
  • Bloating
  • Headache
  • Sour stomach
  • Belching
  • Indigestion
  • Pressure in your stomach
  • Upset stomach
  • Swelling of your stomach area

Your doctor may be able to recommend some ways or prescribe other medications to alleviate these side effects.

Other Things to Know About Linzess

Linzess should never be given to children who are under 6 years of age. So if your children get constipation, it’s best to get their own prescription medications to treat it.

Also, if you’re pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, or are breastfeeding, you may want to seek other medications or stop breastfeeding. It’s not known if Linzess is harmful to fetuses or if it can transfer into breastmilk, so it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Linzess Reviews: Mostly Positive

As it turns out, most Linzess reviews are positive. Now that you know a little more about the benefits and side effects of this medication, perhaps you feel confident in determining whether or not this is good for you to take.

So if you haven’t seen a doctor yet for your GI issues, book an appointment and bring up the fact that Linzess may be good for you. Or, if your doctor’s already prescribed it to you, perhaps you feel more comfortable filling that prescription now that you know more about the medication.

Would you like to order some Linzess after reading this article? Then get some from us today.

Stop Having a Sadder Bladder! 7 Benefits of Hiprex You Need to Know


Urinary tract infections are extremely common ailments. Over half of all women will contract one at some point in their lives, as well as more than one-tenth of all men.

On top of that, many people have recurring urinary tract infections and need to find a way to keep them from coming back

Hiprex is a medicine that helps prevent future infections and can help you enjoy life without having to wonder if another infection will visit you soon.

What Is Hiprex?

Hiprex is known generically as Methanamine Hippurate. It is an oral medication, and you should adjust the dosage according to weight, age, and the details of your medical condition.

What Does Hiprex Treat?

Hiprex is used only to treat bacterial infection in the urinary tract. This means that it does not treat viral infections of any kind. Additionally, bacterial infections that are not in the urinary tract will be unaffected by Hiprex.

Hiprex is not usually used to eliminate an existing infection, but is instead used as a tool to help prevent any infections from coming back. It can be very helpful for anyone suffering from recurring urinary tract infections.

According to WebMD, “Methenamine works better if your urine is more acidic.” For this reason, a doctor may test the acidity of the urine when recommending Hiprex to make sure that it will be able to perform its proper function.

Depending on the results, Hiprex may not work for you. Alternatively, you can use certain strategies to help make your urine more acidic.

Increasing your urine’s acidity takes a two-pronged approach. You can eat and drink items that increase acidity, and you can avoid those parts of your diet that may be decreasing your acidity.

Eating more protein in general can help increase your urine’s acidity. Taking supplemental vitamin C can also increase your urine’s acidity. Cranberries, prunes, and plums can all also help.

You might think that eating citrus fruits like lemons might help increase urine’s acidity. After all, they are highly acidic fruits and contain plenty of vitamin C. However, most fruits also contain alkaline components like potassium.

Once metabolized, lemons are actually more likely to lower your urine’s acidity than raise it.

Along with lemons, foods to avoid if you’re trying to increase your urine’s acidity include dairy products, which are highly alkaline and will lower the acidity of urine. Fruits, in general, may lower urine acidity, so you might need to rely on other foods to get your vitamins.

What Does Hiprex Do?

Once inside the body, Hiprex performs a few functions. First, one of its ingredients will increase the acidity of the urine, which will help the other ingredients to function properly.

Once the urine is acidic enough, the methenamine in Hiprex will chemically convert into formaldehyde, which kills bacteria.

While not extremely effective at destroying bacterial infections that already reside in the urinary tract, the presence of formaldehyde in the tract will create an extremely inhospitable environment for any incoming bacteria that might be trying to grow. The end result is that your urinary tract becomes resistant to future infections.

Avoid Overusing Hiprex

Using Hiprex excessively can cause its effectiveness to decrease over time. If you have recurring urinary tract infections caused by bacteria, then Hiprex is an excellent tool to have available, so it’s important to make sure it stays effective.

To help avoid overusing Hiprex, it’s key to make sure that it is only being used on infections in the urinary tract that are caused by bacteria, not by viral infections. It is a tool to be used only when you know it will work, not whenever there’s some chance that it might work.

Using Hiprex Properly

On the other hand, Hiprex is a preventative medicine, not a curative one. If your doctor feels confident that your recurring urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria and recommends Hiprex, then it’s important to take it regularly even while you are free of all symptoms.

You might think you can stop taking Hiprex if you’re not suffering a current infection, but if you want to make sure you remain free of infection, continually taking Hiprex is one of the best ways to do that.

Why Use Hiprex?

Urinary tract infections can usually be cured within just a few days using antibiotics. You might think that it’s best to just cure any infections that come so that you don’t have to take any preventative medicines.

Unfortunately, as much as antibiotics sometimes seem like a miracle medicine, they have certain weaknesses.

Bacteria can learn to be resistant to antibiotics, making them harder and harder to cure over time. If you have to cure many urinary tract infections with antibiotics, then at some point they may not be curable with antibiotics anymore.

To prevent that from happening, it’s important to decrease the number of infections that need to be cured. The best way to do that is to keep those infections from ever occurring in the first place.

By creating an inhospitable environment for bacterial infections to grow, Hiprex can help make sure that you rarely have infections. That way, you can rely on antibiotics to eliminate any infections that do come.

On top of that, urinary tract infections can be extremely painful, so even if it’s all over in a few days, it’s better not to have to deal with that pain at all.

You can find a pharmacy that sells Hiprex in most cities. Searching online for “hiprex near me” should show you your options. You can also order it online.

Enjoy Your Life Worry-Free

We hope you learned something about the benefits of Hiprex in this piece. To learn about other medications and how to obtain them affordably and conveniently, check out our other pages!

The Legality of the Matter: Can Americans Buy Generic Cialis Online from Canada?

buy generic cialis online

An American Cialis user can expect to spend $12.16 per pill. The cost of a Cialis prescription increased from $127 in 2012 to $365 in 2017. This $238 price hike was the second-largest price increase of any drug during that five year period, according to a recent study.

Even an attempt to save a couple of bucks by switching from a name-brand Cialis prescription to its generic variant, Tadalafil, would still cost up to $118.67 per 30-day prescription.

The sky-high sticker price for male libido treatment seems like an unavoidable price for men with erectile dysfunction. You can save hundreds of dollars on your prescription every month by purchasing your prescriptions online from Canada.

But how can you buy generic Cialis online? Is it hard to do? And can you even purchase legal pharmaceuticals over the internet?

Keep on reading to learn how to purchase cheap prescription drugs in a safe and legal way from Canada.

Is Buying Prescriptions Medication Online Legal?

Strict US laws have made it almost impossible for American patients to purchase drugs over the internet from foreign pharmacies.

This is because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a long history of avoiding drug importation. The FDA is able to monitor prescription medications by keeping drug production domestic.

In other words, the FDA can’t monitor drugs manufactured in other countries.

And even if it could, there would be almost no way for the FDA to hold foreign drug producers accountable for any issues.

Though these laws and regulations were put in place to protect American patients, they’ve made it difficult for US consumers to shop for competitive drug prices from international markets.

However, recent legal developments have made it possible for Canadian pharmaceuticals to be sold to United States patients on the internet legally. This means American consumers can now buy Cialis or its generic variants from their neighbors to the North for a fraction of the cost.

But how can a Canadian pharmaceutical be cheaper than the same American pharmaceutical?

The Canadian government has mandates requiring drugs to be sold at more affordable prices. Now, patients in the United States have access to those better priced Canadian drugs.

Staying Safe With Online Pharmacies

Having a great-looking website should never be considered a sign that a provider is either legitimate or trustworthy.

There are dozens of good-looking and seemingly functional websites claiming to offer cheap prescription medications, but a handsome website is not an indicator of legitimacy. Be sure to vet your online provider before trusting them with your perceptions.

You can start by confirming the online pharmacy is licensed in the country you want to purchase from. You should also research whether or not the country you’re buying from has strong pharmacy regulations.

Canada is one of several countries with high-standards for its pharmaceutical providers.

Additionally, before making your purchase you should check the conversion rates to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Be sure to also include the cost of shipping and handling from your prospective provider.

Generally speaking, the American dollar is worth more than the Canadian dollar. However, the value of money internationally is constantly fluctuating. It could be worth checking.

To stay safe, it’s important to use your best judgment while shopping.

How Can Americans Buy Generic Cialis Online?

If you want to purchase medicine from a reputable online pharmacy, you have to have a prescription. After receiving a prescription for a drug you can search for it in an online pharmacy.

Let’s use Tadalafil (generic Cialis) as an example. When you search for Tadalafil on 90DaysMed, you’ll see options asking about the dosage and quantity of your prescription.

As you go through this step you’ll probably instantly notice the striking price difference. American Tadalafil currently costs $118.67 for thirty 2.5 milligram tablets. That’s almost $4 per pill!

The same exact prescription costs only $25 from an online Canadian pharmacy. That’s a yearly-saving of $1,116 just when you buy generic Cialis online.

After selecting your prescription, you’ll proceed to checkout. Then, you’ll share your paper prescription with your provider. This can be done by faxing, scanning, or emailing the prescription.

You don’t have to worry about dealing with the FDA or US customs and your prescription will be sent directly to your mailing address.

Though purchasing generic Cialis other drugs online from international pharmacies can save you time and money, it can also end disastrously if you mistakenly purchase from a dishonest seller.

Start Saving Money With Online Pharmacies

It’s hard to believe that any Cialis or Tadalafil user is happy spending between $118 and $365 per 30-day prescription.

The exploding cost of drug prices in the United States has forced lawmakers to consider alternative providers. It’s important to stay safe and legal when purchasing drugs online. This can be a simple process though.

Research whether or not the online pharmacy you want to buy from is licensed in its country of origin. Do some additional research into the pharmacy regulations of the origin country.

If everything checks out, then it’s time to order your prescription.

Search for your prescription. Select the appropriate dosage and quantity. Then, upload a picture of your prescription, and you’re all set.

If you have any additional questions about how to buy generic Cialis online, or about buying any prescription medication, please contact us. We have phone operators and a digital live chat.

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 6:00AM to 6:00 PM PST, and Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm PST.

Take a Deep Breath: The Top 7 Benefits of Anoro Ellipta for COPD

anoro ellipta

In the United States, 16 million people suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). If you’re part of this statistic, then this disease can really put a damper on your life, as it can affect how well you breathe.

However, there are medications available on the market that can help you manage your symptoms and give you a better quality of life. For example, there’s Anoro Ellipta, which is a prescription inhaler.

If you’re interested in what this medication can do for you, then keep reading to find out the top 7 benefits of using Anoro Ellipta for COPD.

What Is Anoro Ellipta?

Anoro Ellipta is a prescription medication you take by inhaling it. The “Anoro” part is the inhalation powder, while the “Ellipta” part is the inhaler.

This medication is usually used for people with COPD and can treat instances of bronchitis and emphysema. While Anoro Ellipta is an inhaler, it should not be used for asthma. Have your doctor prescribe the proper medications if you have asthma versus COPD, or you’ll risk not addressing your symptoms correctly.

Now, let’s move onto the benefits of taking this prescription medication.

1. You Only Use It Once a Day

Having to be on multiple medications that you take several times a day can be tedious. Not to mention it can be hard to remember.

But when you’re prescribed Anoro Ellipta, all you have to do is remember to use it once a day. What’s even easier is you get to take it at the same time each day. So you can easily slip this prescription medication into your daily routine, such as after breakfast or before you shower.

2. It Improves Your Lung Function

One of the first things you need to understand about Anoro Ellipta is that it’s not a rescue inhaler. This means if you suffer from bronchospasm attacks, it won’t do anything to help you immediately.

However, do note that when taken on a long-term basis, it can improve your lung function. This is because it contains a long-acting muscarinic antagonist (LAMA) and a long-acting beta2-adrenergic agonist (LABA); they are umeclidinium and vilanterol.

What this means is together, they work to both relax and expand the muscles of your airways. As a result, it’ll improve your lung function, meaning you’ll be able to breathe easier.

3. It Reduces COPD Flare-Ups

As we pointed out above, umeclidinium and vilanterol work in conjunction to keep your airways open and not constricted.

Usually, some triggers may cause flare-ups, such as pollen, smoke, or dust. This may mean you have to deal with constant bronchospasm attacks.

However, when you take Anoro Ellipta on a daily basis, it works hard to keep your airways open and relaxed 24/7. So this means you’ll suffer from far fewer attacks.

4. You Won’t Need Your Rescue Inhaler as Much

Because you won’t be having as many COPD flare-ups, this means you won’t need your rescue inhaler as much.

In a study, patients relied far less on their salbutamol rescue inhalers just within 24 weeks of taking Anoro Ellipta. In three 6-month studies, they got the same results: patients didn’t need to use rescue medication as much as they did before starting this medication.

5. You Won’t Be as Breathless

In the same study from above, it was found that patients who took Anoro Ellipta regularly had a significantly lower occurrence of breathlessness.

If you find yourself getting winded just from walking around the corner, then this may dramatically decrease your quality of life. By taking this prescription medication, you can regain control over your life and enjoy doing the things you used to do before CPD flare-ups took over.

6. You’ll Be More Active

COPD has a tendency to put a damper on how active you can be. If you can’t even walk around the corner, how are you supposed to go to the gym or even go on a brisk walk whenever you want?

Once you get improved lung function and aren’t so breathless anymore, you’ll be able to pick up the sports activities you once used to do. Considering patients gained improved exercise endurance time, this means you’ll be able to go for jogs or play soccer again.

7. There Are Barely Any Side Effects

When you take any medications, you may worry about potential side effects, especially if they are quite adverse.

The great thing about Anoro Ellipta is for the majority of patients, they don’t experience very serious side effects if any at all.

Very rarely, people may experience shaking, nervousness, muscle cramps, higher blood pressure, wheezing, or trouble breathing. If you experience these, you’ll need to use your inhaler and get medical help.

Serious side effects include chest pain, serious dizziness, fainting, and changes in vision.

However, keep in mind that all of these side effects rarely occur in patients and in most cases, there are little to no side effects experienced.

Ask Your Doctor About Anoro Ellipta

If you have COPD and feel like Anoro Ellipta may be right for you, then it may be a good time to ask your doctor about this medication. Together, you can figure out if this is a prescription that’ll improve your quality of life.

Or if you already have a prescription, but weren’t feeling sure about it, hopefully, this article has given you peace of mind. In that case, consider ordering from a Canadian online pharmacy such as 90-Day Meds, as our prices will be but a fraction of what you’d pay in the US!

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The Top 8 Benefits of Mail-Order Prescription Drugs From Canada

mail order prescription drugs from canada

Recently, President Trump has unveiled a plan to cut prescription drug costs by importing medications from Canada. While this is a step in the right direction, what’s stopping you from cutting out the middle man? Why not get mail-order prescription drugs from Canada?

There are a lot of benefits to getting mail-order prescription drugs. You can save money, get the medication you need, and have them delivered to your door. And that’s not all!

We understand why a lot of Americans are cautious about getting mail-order prescription drugs from Canada. Yet these fears are unfounded.

If you order from us, the process is simple: you make your payments and you get your medication. All online and in a snip. 

We’re going to show you the awesome benefits of getting mail-order prescription drugs from a Canadian pharmacy. Are you ready to learn how this can change your life for the better? Then keep reading!

1. Mail-Order Prescription Drugs From Canada Are Delivered to Your Door

Going to the pharmacy and waiting in line is not the most pleasant experience. It can feel like getting your medications is a chore. Yet you have to do it anyway, as it’s the only way you can get your medication, right?


With mail-order prescription drugs, your medications are delivered to your door. You don’t need to wait around or even leave your home. You simply select the medications you need, send us a copy of your prescription, and wait for them to arrive.

2. We Offer a Wide Range of Drugs

Whatever medication you’re taking, it’s likely to be on our site and able to be sent to you. We offer Cialis, antidepressants, painkillers, and more. 

Whatever medications you need to take to keep your quality of life at its peak, we almost certainly have it. All you need is a prescription from your doctor and a payment method. We accept all major credit cards, money orders, and a selection of other payment methods.

3. Mail-Order Prescription Drugs Can Save You Money

One of the main reasons why American patients like to order prescription drugs online is to save money. Canadian prescription drugs are notably cheaper than the same drugs in America. There are many reasons why this is the case, but this price difference is in your favor!

Your medication is likely to be a lot cheaper when bought from a Canadian pharmacy than an American one. Some pharmacies make this price difference less dramatic by adding a huge shipping fee. 

We are not like that. We do not charge any shipping fees: all you pay for when buying is the medication. There aren’t even any taxes or duties that you need to pay to have them imported.

4. Ordering From Us Is Safe

You sometimes see horror stories of people ordering counterfeit medicine from an online pharmacy. We are licensed, safe, and professional. We will only dispense from pharmacies that are licensed in their jurisdictions.

All of our pharmacies are backed by the non-profit organization Pharmacy Checker. This organization, based in New York, is dedicated to ensuring that our pharmacies are licensed, regulated, and responsible. You will never receive anything but the best quality medications.

5. We Offer Additional Services to Our Customers

We don’t just sell mail-order prescription drugs. We want to support our customers in their decisions. As such, we have a range of other services available to our customers.

One such service is our licensed pharmacist. When you are an active customer, you can talk to our licensed pharmacist at any time and seek counsel. They will be able to advise you and discuss your medication, answering any questions that you may have.

Another service we offer is our selection of pet medications. Soon, you will be able to order low-cost medications for your furry friends direct from us, rather than having to spend a fortune at the vet.

6. Delivery Is Easy

When buying mail-order prescription drugs from Canada, you might think you’ll have to pay a fortune. We’ve already mentioned that there are no shipping fees or import duties, but the best part is that it’s quick.

While we do not offer overnight shipping, you will only have to wait around 10-12 business days to receive your order. This means that if you have a full box of medication now, you can order from us and get your new medication before your current supply runs out.

Express shipping is also available. When ordering this way, you should get your medications within three to five days.

If you are unhappy with the product when it arrives, talk to our customer support team. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will do everything to make sure you’re happy.

7. We Have Many Happy Customers

If you’re unsure about getting mail-order prescription drugs online, we urge you to take a look at our customer reviews! We have many satisfied customers on our books, and we’d love you to join them.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and service. Let us show you why.

8. We Take Your Privacy Seriously

Your medical privacy is a priority for us. We only share your information with people who are bound by law to respect your confidentiality. At any time, you can request a copy of all the information that we have about you.

We keep all of your personal information safe and will never jeopardize your privacy. You can shop and order from us in complete confidence.

Ready to Order From Us?

We’ve shown you all the reasons why you should have faith in buying mail-order prescription drugs from Canada. If you want to cut costs, get top-quality medications, and have them delivered to your door, we’re your best option!

Browse our site, search for your medications, and take a look at our prices. If you’ve got any questions about us, our services, or our stock, please get in touch with us. Our customer service team will do their best to help you!

Canadian Pharmacy Cialis: How to Choose Where to Buy Cialis in the Great White North

canadian pharmacy cialis

There are many reasons why you should carefully deliberate the pharmacy you choose. Where medicine and general health is concerned, trust is critical. But, medication can also be a tremendous financial drain.

So, finding a pharmacy that’s as trustworthy as it is reasonably priced, is crucial to accessing medication long term.

If you’re looking to buy Cialis in your local area, you can choose from a few Canadian Pharmacies.

In light of that, we’ve outlined a few things to consider as you decide which Canadian pharmacy Cialis, you opt for.

Let’s dive in!

1. Check Availability

The perhaps most important aspect of choosing a pharmacy related to location and availability.

These are two slightly separate metrics, but each concern themselves with how easy it is to access the pharmacy’s inventory when the need arises, and how easy it is to check in-store and get your questions answered.

Location: Make sure your pharmacy is close to where you live or work, so when you are sick or suffering recurring symptoms, you don’t have to walk great distances across town to get your medication.

Opening Hours: Another thing to keep in mind when checking the availability of a pharmacy is its opening hours.

These may conflict with your working schedule at times, so it is essential to consider whether the pharmacy hours suit your needs and allow you to visit it comfortably.

You don’t necessarily need a 24-hour pharmacy, but making sure your pharmacy is open at least 8 am to 7 pm during the week makes sure that you won’t miss out because of your typical working day.

If you’re struggling to find a pharmacy in your local area or you struggle to leave the house, registered online pharmacies can be a valid option to deliver medication to your door.

2. Insurance

Regular Prescription Insurance: Assure yourself the potential pharmacy accepts lots of insurance plans, and most importantly, the insurance plan you currently have.

This reduces the likelihood of having to change pharmacies should your insurance plans change. You don’t need us to tell you, insurance plans change regularly, so a pharmacy that covers many programs is vital.

Medicare Part D: For Medicare Part D patients, make sure your pharmacy accepts all Medicare Part D plans (again, just in case your policy changes)

If you don’t have any prescription drug insurance, you may want to shop around for the best price. Stores like Walmart offer generic drugs at a low price. You should also price match.

For this, you may call different pharmacies in your town to find the lowest price for the drug you need. Some may offer better rates on certain drugs but not on others – if you can find a pharmacy that will price match to others, you won’t need to go to two separate pharmacies.

3. Over-The-Counter Products

Ask if your pharmacy carries over the counter (OTC) products such as Tylenol and Sudafed. When you’re ill, you may be able to get these medicines to help ease cold symptoms without having to drive across to another store.

4. Check Their Inventory

Find out if the pharmacy has a good-sized inventory. Pharmacies with smaller stocks often run out of drugs, and this may cause a patient to wait a few days to get a prescription while it’s ordered in.

No pharmacy can guarantee they’ll have a product 100% of the time, but if they have a large inventory, the odds are a lot better.

5. Service

Just like with any recurring service you enlist, you want to make sure that your pharmacy of choice offers friendly and personal service.

Customer service is crucial in this field because of the sensitivity of the subject. You may want to ask personal health questions without seeing a doctor, so if you’re purchasing Cialis, a friendly and trustworthy service, is a high priority.

Good pharmacy teams may also call your insurance if there is any problem. They may help you keep track of all your medications and help you understand what they do.

Look for Pharmacists that are kind and courteous and seem as interested in your health as you are.

6. Versatility

Different pharmacies also offer various services that may suit your needs better, like convenient drive-through services, immunization, or compounding services. These can save you time in the long term and offer much sought after convenience.

Some pharmacies may also deliver medications, which is an excellent asset if you’re ill and home alone. Check what extra features your pharmacy offers and whether they could be helpful to you in the long term.

It can also be wise to choose a pharmacy with up-to-date technology as they are more likely to offer services online and with modern needs in mind.

Choose Your Canadian Pharmacy Cialis Wisely

A good Canadian pharmacy Cialis provides a relationship that is beneficial to your health in the long term – they should take an interest in your needs, offer you privacy and dignity, and provide convenient services that are easily accessible and adequately priced.

Pharmacies should also always be able to inform you about your medication and its side effects where needed. If you’re looking to buy Cialis, check your pharmacy for these factors when choosing where to buy Cialis or Viagra in Canada.

Or, if you are looking for a reliable and convenient service, 90-Day Meds provides affordable prescription medications delivered right to your door. Contact us today for more info!

How Does Bystolic Work? Uses, Side Effects, and Dosage

how does bystolic work

The CDC estimates that 75 million adults in the United States suffer from hypertension. This condition refers to blood pressure at or exceeding 130 over 80.

Hypertension can come from a number of factors including stress, obesity, inactivity, nutritional deficiencies, and chronic alcohol abuse. Over time, it can lead to serious problems like kidney disease, memory loss, heart disease, and stroke.

Some people need a medication called Bystolic to regulate hypertension. So, how does Bystolic work?

Treating Hypertension: How Does Bystolic Work?

The drug Bystolic may protect you and improve your quality of life if you suffer from chronic hypertension. Keep reading to learn all about this medication.

What Is Bystolic?

Bystolic blood pressure medicine, also known as nebivolol, lowers blood pressure. This reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Is Bystolic a Beta blocker? Yes, it belongs to this class of drugs because it prevents epinephrine from attaching to the heart’s beta receptors.

This causes the heart to beat slower and less forcefully, thus reducing blood pressure. This drug also uses nitric oxide to vasodilate the blood vessels, further lowering the pressure.

Bystolic Uses

This drug is FDA approved to treat hypertension. Doctors may also prescribe it to prevent angina and subsequent heart attacks,

The drug also proves useful in correcting atrial fibrillation and to treat some forms of heart failure. Beta-blocker research suggests that the mechanism of slowing the heart makes this drug class good supportive therapy for panic attacks and social anxiety disorders as well.

Form and Dosage

Bystolic comes in tablet form to be taken orally. You can receive Bystolic 2.5 mg, Bystolic 5 mg, Bystolic 10 mg, and Bystolic 20 mg.

Side Effects

As with any medication, some people experience side effects while taking Bystolic. Reported side effects include:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Impaired thinking or alertness
  • Unusual and/or rapid weight gain or weight loss
  • Swelling in the feet, legs, hands, arms, and/or face
  • Slow or irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath, wheezing, and/pr difficult or labored breathing
  • Chest tightness
  • Tingling in the extremities

If you notice any troublesome symptoms when taking this medication, consult your doctor before changing your dosage or stopping your medication. You may need to ween off of Bystolic.

Your physician can guide you on decreasing the dosage over a two week period if the risks outweigh the benefits of this medication for you. Missing doses or suddenly stopping this drug can lead to serious, possibly even life-threatening complications.

Failing to take your medication can cause sweating, nervousness, tachycardia, the inability to stay calm, fearfulness, and other symptoms of anxiety. Physical symptoms can include worsening of your original condition, angina, heart palpitations, a sudden spike in blood pressure, and a heart attack that may or may not lead to death.

Recommended Dosage and Overdose

You can expect for your doctor to increase your dosage by 50% intervals over the first few weeks. For most people, doctors recommend the maximum dose remain at 10 mg once a day, for the duration of their treatment. Though, some patients do require up to 20 mg in special circumstances.

Do not take more than prescribed. Bystolic stays in your system for about 2 days and will continue to build up to toxic doses if you exceed your recommended amount. Call your local poison control center right away if you or somebody else overdoses.

Symptoms of overdose include:

  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Dizziness and/or fainting
  • Fatigue or lethargy
  • Shaking
  • Headache
  • Increased thirst
  • Dry mouth
  • Change in appetite
  • Body chills
  • Cold sweats
  • Pale, clammy skin
  • Fast, slow, shallow, or irregular breathing
  • Coughing
  • Slow or fast heart rate
  • Blurred vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Mood Swings
  • Numbness and tingling in the lips, hands, and feet
  • Decreased urination
  • Seizures
  • Coma

An overdose does pose the risk of death. Do not wait for symptoms to pass on their own.

Special Precautions

Before starting any medications, you should discuss all medical history with your doctor. Leaving out any details can result in harm or death.

Discuss all known allergies with your doctor. Though people rarely develop an allergy to this beta-blocker, it can affect how you treat other allergies.

Remember, this medication blocks epinephrine from its heart receptors. This would make your epi-pen useless. So, if you carry epinephrine for a life-threatening allergy, you may want to discuss alternative options to Bystolic.

Other conditions may require you to undergo special testing prior to taking this medicine. Let your doctor know if you:

  • Recently suffered a heart attack
  • Live with diabetes
  • Have any condition that affects the lungs such as bronchitis, asthma, or emphysema,
  • Suffer from liver or kidney disease, a thyroid disorder, or pheochromocytoma
  • Experience circulation problems, such as Raynaud’s syndrome

You also want to discuss any and every medication you currently take. This includes herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies.

You also should discuss pregnancy with your doctor. The FDA regards it as a class C drug, which means that they do not know whether or not it causes harm to your unborn baby.

Nursing mothers should also consult their physician. They do not have enough research to conclude whether or not Bystolic passes into breast milk or if it could harm the baby.

Why Bystolic?

After reading the possible side effects and warnings, why would you want to take Bystolic? If your doctor prescribed it, then they feel that the risk of your condition outweighs the risk of this medication.

Remember, that list states everything from common side effects to minute possibilities. Most of the time, people take this medication without problems and experience only minor side effects like headaches or fatigue that often subside once your body adjusts to the medication.

Also, consider your alternatives. Above, we discuss the dangers of hypertension if left untreated.

Some alternative choices to this medication carry bigger risks. For example, alpha-blockers and alpha-2 agonists both cause potentially life-threatening fluctuations in blood pressure.

Order Your Prescription Online

We answered the pressing question, ‘How does Bystolic work?’ Now that you’re armed with information, you can confidently get your medicine.

We understand that life gets hectic, and you cannot always make it to the drug store on schedule. That is why we set it up so our customers can order their prescriptions online and get them shipped to their doorstep. Learn how to order online!

Latuda vs Abilify: All About Latuda, Usage, Side Effects, and Dosage

latuda vs abilify

Approximately 3.2 million people in the US have schizophrenia and another 2.3 million Americans are diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Both mental disorders can be difficult to live with. Day to day activities are made difficult by increased anxiety or paranoia, mood swings, or a confused sense of reality.

The FDA-approved medication Latuda can help to ease the symptoms of both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Read on to find out more about the usage, side effects, and dosages of Latuda, as well as the differences between Latuda vs Abilify.

Usage of Latuda

Latuda is an antipsychotic medication. It helps to change the way chemicals in the brain affect cognitive and psychosomatic feelings and behaviors.

It is designed to target the depressive symptoms of certain mental disorders. These include schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Patients who take Latuda find that they can think more clearly and that feelings of nervousness dissipate. For some, Latuda may help to reduce hallucinations while boosting their mood, appetite, and overall level of energy.

Latuda can treat schizophrenia in patients who are 13 years or older or to treat bipolar disorder in patients who are 10 years or older.

Latuda has not been approved to treat patients with dementia.

Side Effects of Latuda

The most common side effects of Latuda are drowsiness, dizziness, and nausea. Less common are side effects such as weight gain, agitation, shaking, and an inability to keep still. On rare occasions, Latuda has effected patients’ sleeping patterns, causing either drooling or interrupted breathing.

Most of these side effects should go away after the first few weeks of taking Latuda.

If they continue after several weeks or worsen, talk to your doctor.

Latuda may also cause increased sensitivity to extremely high or low temperatures. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids when taking Latuda, as it is easier to suffer from overheating and dehydration when on it.

If you have diabetes or heart disease, tell your doctor before taking Latuda.

It is possible for the medication to cause a spike in blood sugar, which can cause diabetes to worsen. It is also possible for Latuda to raise blood fat levels, which can cause issues for those with heart disease. In some cases, it can lead to the development of heart disease in patients with diabetes.

The risk of experiencing any of these side effects increases if you consume alcohol while taking Latuda.

It is possible for some patients, especially teens and young adults, to experience an increase in suicidal thoughts in the early stages of taking antipsychotics. Be sure to remain mindful of your mental health when taking a new medication. Keep the line of communication between your doctors, your loved ones, and yourself open at all times.

Latuda and Proper Dosage

Your doctor will determine the exact dosage that you should take to achieve the best results. Latuda is frequently taken once a day and dosages tend to range between 20 and 120 milligrams. It is advised that you take Latuda with a meal or nausea may occur.

Never increase or decrease your dosage without instruction from your doctor. If you are feeling better, that is a sign that the medication is working, not that you no longer need it.

It may take a few weeks to start feeling the effects and increasing your dosage will not help you to feel the effects more quickly.

If, at any point, you decide that you no longer want to take Latuda, talk to your doctor. If you stop taking the medication abruptly, you will likely experience heavy to severe side effects. Instead, you should stop taking Latuda gradually by lowering your dosage little by little over time.

If you suddenly experience severe symptoms of any of the side effects listed above, you may have taken an overdose of the medication. In the event that this happens, go to the emergency room or call the poison control center immediately.

Differences Between Latuda vs Abilify

Latuda is designed to treat depressive episodes or symptoms associated with mental disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Abilify is often used to treat patients with the same disorders but works to manage manic episodes rather than depressive episodes.

Abilify is an antipsychotic that can also treat patients with Tourette’s syndrome, autism, and Major Depressive Disorder. Like Latuda, Abilify can help patients to think more clearly and reduce feelings of nervousness. However, Abilify is designed to have a calming effect to combat mania, whereas Latuda is designed to boost energy levels to combat feelings of depression.

Abilify is typically taken in the form of a tablet. However, there is a liquid injectable that may be administered in the event of a severe manic episode.

Ultimately, your doctor would likely pick Latuda over Abilify to treat your schizophrenia or bipolar disorder if she felt that you were at a higher risk to yourself during depressive episodes than manic episodes.

Where to Purchase Latuda

In order to purchase any antipsychotic, including Latuda, you must have a prescription from a doctor.

If you are unable to travel to a walk-in pharmacy or hope to save some money on your medical expenses, consider using 90 Day Meds. In many cases, we can get your prescription filled and delivered in as little as three to five days.

Talk to your doctor about Latuda vs Abilify if you think that either could improve your quality of life. Once you have a prescription, use our easy prescription uploading tool and we’ll get moving on filling your prescription!